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Our Programme

We are serious when we say that your success is our success. We have three programme options for you to choose from based on your trading objectives. Pick a programme that fits your trading journey

Crypto Edition
Get Funded To Trade Crypto
• 250+ Crypto Asset To Trade
• No Commission
• Tightest Spread
• One Time Desk Fee: TBA
Coming Soon
Apex Edition
Most Popular Model In The Industry!
• 20 Leverage Forex and Metals
• Instant Funding
• Max Capital up to $1.024 Million
• One Time Desk Fee: $78
Standard Edition
Affordable Baseline Model
• 5 Leverage Forex
• Instant Funding
• 5% Profit Target To Scale
• One Time Desk Fee: $68

Trading platform by eightcap

The Technology

We offer all of our traders the best trading solutions for our MT4 accounts powered by Eightcap's direct data-feed

Our Broker's world class trading technology and A-book dealing model allows you to focus purely on trading.

About Us

What we do?

BuoyTrade was founded under the belief that a future where deserving traders have direct access to significant capital which sure sounds exciting for all of us.

We are traders too! We know how it feels to start trading with a small capital account and with your exceptional trading skill and our capital, we make a wonderful partnership!

Here's the chance now to take up our Institutional A-Book model and propel your proprietary trading journey with with us!


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Education Series: A book vs B book

Raising awareness on the difference of A-Book vs B-Book model


Telegram Group Launched

Get Inside Here Mate! You're missing out!


A-Book Model Soft Launch

We're Live Again! Even Better Now!


Trade For A True Prop Firm

We make traders feel like traders, This is not some funfair carnival.


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The Buoy Team

"Daniel is the team lead of BuoyTrade.

He is responsible for the strategic planning, overall management and business development of BuoyTrade.

Daniel also leads all design, in-house trading and global campaign of the company."

Daniel Heng

"Paek Khim of BuoyTrade.

She oversees the company's finances and manages BuoyTrade's financial activities such as on-time payment of trader and corporate secretarial duties."

Paek Khim

"Jann is the Co-Founder of BuoyTrade.

She oversees the overall management and day-to-day administrative and operational functions of BuoyTrade including risk & compliance, human resources and customer experience."

Jann Yee