Scaling Plan

Capital increments on the Verified BuoyTrade Account take place in four-month cycles. For a capital increase, the trader has to gain at least 10 added percentage points in four consecutive months (example, the average of at least 2.5% gain per month) At the same time, at least 2 of these 4 months need to be profitable.

It is important that the trader's balance needs to be above the initial capital (in profit) during the time of scale-up. If the trader fulfils this, the initial capital of the BuoyTrade Account will be increased by 25%. If the balance is below it's initial capital, the scale-up will be postponed until the balance is in profit. Along with that, the basis for the calculation of loss limits will change accordingly and risk parameters will be loosened. After another 4 months, if the trader again satisfies the conditions of appreciation and the ratio of profitable months, he/she will gain the eligibility of further increase of the capital by 25% of the Initial Capital of the BuoyTrade Account. Increments of capital have no ceiling.

The following table demonstrates a scenario of the capital and risk parameters development on the BuoyTrade Account in case the trader successfully passed the evaluation process with 100,000 USD initial capital and fulfils the conditions for capital increments:

As you can see in the table above, in the best possible scenario, already after a year and a third, the trader will have at his/her BuoyTrade Account twice the capital and twice the loss limits (this applies to any starting capital).

We believe that this Scaling Plan will encourage traders to trade consistently while not taking unnecessary risks and treat the BuoyTrade Account with longevity in mind. Please note high returns are not guaranteed and trading, in general, is a risky business.

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