Trading Rules

BuoyTrade Direct Programme Overview

The objective of BuoyTrade Direct programme is to find trading talents and assess if you can adhere to our rules for trading our live capital. The rules are simple and straight forward, and by meeting the Scaling Objectives, you prove that you are a disciplined and experienced trader.

Trading Period

Buoy Direct has an infinite amount of time for you to scale up at your own pace.

If you manage to hit the target profit sooner, you do not need to wait for the any minimum days.
You may request for a scale up by contacting us via email and we will process the scale up as soon as possible.

Minimum Trading Days

There is no minimum trading days. period.

Maximum Loss

This rule can also be called “account stop-loss”. The equity of the trading account must not, at any moment during the account duration, decline below 95% of the initial account balance.

For the BuoyTrade Direct with a balance of $1,000, it means that the account lowest possible equity can be $950. Again, this is a sum of both closed and open positions (account equity, not balance).

5% of the initial account balance gives trader enough space to prove that his/her account is suitable for the investment. It is a buffer that should keep the trader in the game even if there were some initial losses. The investor has an assurance that the trader’s account cannot decline below 95% of its value under any circumstance.

However, traders can build their drawdown tolerance up by making a profit on the account, all profits generated builts a bigger buffer for the account before it reaches the 5% Static Drawdown.

What Kind Of Trading Strategies Are Approved?

Your trading style is entirely up to you; we don’t set any limits on instruments or position size you trade.

We have no reasons for limiting or restricting your trading strategy, whether it’s discretionary trading, hedging, algorithmic trading, EAs, etc.

As long as your trading is legitimate, conforms to the real market conditions and we can replicate your trades in our live corporate accounts, there is no limitation to your trading style or strategy.

Do I need to close my positions overnight?

We allow overnight positions and weekend positions.

Can I Trade The News?

Yes you may trade the news.