We've Launched!

BuoyTrade evaluations has successfully launch on March 2021, We've transition our traditional proprietary firm into an online based. Currently we have 32 Active BuoyTrade Traders that joined us in our journey. We're looking to grow our trader numbers to introduce new exciting and promising features in the future.

Our Active Trader Tips

Trader #1 -The Evaluation is very ACHIEVABLE in all honesty, what you need to work on is less of trading strategy and more of Money Management and Risk Management! sit down, figure out the above and you’ll definitely be profitable in the long run.

Trader #2: Be patient. Don’t rush things by over-leveraging. Take your time. Be disciplined and focused. Have a solid strategy in place and apply risk management.
Trader #3: First make sure you have proven profitable strategy and system. Sounds like a given but it definitely is not. This will eliminate a lot of stress, impulsive trading and unnecessary mistakes. By having this you can trust the process and not be stressed by the deadline and fall victim to forcing trades, impulsive trading and deviating from your trading plan.
Trader #4: Don’t waste your time chasing magical trading ‘secrets’. You only need ONE of the few basic principles of market movement in your toolbag and you are well on your way. Don’t forget that successful trading strategies can be surprisingly simple, there’s no need to make things too complicated.

Trader #5: Take your time, it’s not a race.

Trader #6: Take things slow and take things easy. Don’t overleverage. Don’t overtrade. Don’t rush back in to the market after being stopped out. Don’t trade at a risk of more than 1% per position. Try not to open two positions in pairs that are correlated as you’re doubling your exposure to a single currency.

Trader #7: If you really want and believe, never give up.