A-Book Model Soft Launch

Hello All,

I hope that all of you have a rested weekend and also not forgetting Happy Memorial Day to those in the United States.

Well this is to let you know that we have just soft-launched our first and leading A-Book model in this industry on the 1st of June 2021 and we're very proud of what we have accomplished in the short span of time. We're targeting our Grand Opening around July. Nothing will change in terms of the 2-Steps Evaluation Programme. The Grand Opening entails the introduction of new and exciting stuff such as Partnership Programmes, Leaderboard (Trader's Ranking), Trade Receipts posted to funded accounts and Standard Features Trader's Portal.

Moving forward, we have many plans to make our funded programme an attractive one. We are aware that in terms of comparison with other proprietary firms, we're not the best but we are making our best effort to do better each day. Our upcoming new feature (First in the industry again) will be an attractive one and might just be the deciding factor that can propel BuoyTrade all the way to the top of the leaderboard (hint: Only BuoyTrade Verified Traders are allowed to join this new programme that we're creating. We need good funded traders).

Why we chose A-Book model?

We are traders. You are a trader. A-Book model means that you are trading in an institutional environment against the tier-1 banks / public market / exchange (26+ Liquidity Pools). BuoyTrade gives you an opportunity to really call yourself a trader that beat the REAL market because your trades are going LIVE onto the market, and your lot sizes will actually affect the market. This will be proven by a Trade Receipt from Global Prime, so you would know which Bank, Darkpool, Exchange, Fund House etc. are taking on your trades.

Why should you choose A-Book model?

Because we will have no problem paying our traders. We do NOT use trader's fee directly to pay out the trader's profit share. All profit share will be withdrawn from BuoyTrade's main margin account that are pushing your trades to the tier-1 banks. We will not suffer marketing decay, where new traders evaluation sales starts to slow down and there will be insufficient 'revenue' from failed evaluation to pay out traders. You can rest assured that your profit is guaranteed by the market.

Other than that, I'm going to keep this short as we have lots of things to prepare for. We're always busy on the Research and Development side. We're planning for bigger things to upgrade ourselves.

Do come and join us and be a part of the Buoy's Journey by becoming a Verified Trader (lots of perk coming your way)

- Daniel